Terrazzo Centrepiece Collection 

The Terrazzo Centrepiece Collection is an evolution of the classic Italian Terrazzo technique. In contrast to its origins, as a practice to produce simple floor coverings, here, the Terrazzo process is elevated to new artistic merit, producing one-of-a-kind pieces of homeware.

The collection combines industrial materials and natural stone, such as marble, in perfect aesthetic and functional balance. Each Centrepiece is unique and unrepeatable, producing a hardwearing, durable product. The three types of board are characterised by the use of different sizes of marble fragments - from the classic Terrazzo with a random pattern (Terrazzo Misto) and various marble sizes, to a studied and balanced composition of larger pieces (Terrazzo Grande). The third board juxtaposes randomness with order; on one side a white Carrara marble and on the other a simple terrazzo (Terrazzo Doppio).

Each piece in the Collection is entirely handmade and unique - from the shaping of the marble to the final polishing that creates a perfectly flat surface. No two piece will ever be alike.

Verde Antico, Bianco Carrara and Grigio Bardiglio are the marbles used and the Centrepieces are  available in three different sizes: Small; 300x200x20 mm  Medium; 335x225x20 mm  Large; 400x250x20 mm.

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