Mantica Mosaic Mural

50 square foot sectile mosaic installation at the islamic Center of Mantica 2015. A verse from the Qur’an calligraphed  in the thuluth style by Afghan-American artist Zubair Simab, masterfully hand-cut into hand-glazed tile by California-based Greco- Roman mosaic artist Pippa Murray.

Design by Pippa Murray. Mosaic realized by Pippa Murray Mosaics, Sausalito (CA)

Dancing Couple

Copy of Roman Mosaic. Top table. Private commission. Indirect technique.

The tesserae were hand cut by hammer  and hardie, the traditional and ancient tools of mosaic making. Marble and Travertino materials. 

The tesserae were glued on paper by flour glue, a technique developed by  Gian Domenico Facchina in the late19th century. Total size 70x80cm; Size of the tesserae  7mm (background) and  2-5mm (figures).

Design by Pippa Murray after 2nd Century Original. Mosaic realized by Pippa Murray Mosaics, Sausalito (CA) 

Library Walk Manchester 

Project for Manchester County Council. The project was to create a mosaic floor to be installed into a new glass structure connecting Manchester  Town Hall to the Library. The design of the mosaic replicates the original mosaic design found in the Victorian Town Hall, using the 3 color commonly used throughout the Victorian and Edwardian period in mosaics; red Verona, grey Bardiglio and black Belgio. 

 187 mosaic panel 120m2 of about 600.000 hand cut pieces. the single panel were worked by indirect technique in the studio and installed into sito.

Mosaic realized by JW Restoration Studio, London (UK)


Portrait realized with direct technique, Modern andamento, where the terrerae have different size resulting in a vibrating surface. Marbles,  stone and glass are the materials used. 

Pool Project 

 Floor mosaic for a pool deck. Private commision. The mosaic design takes inspiration from ancient Greek- Roman mosaic and re-elaborate in a modern way in  colour. Indirect technique, roman method, hand cut and, use of marbles.

Design by Pippa Murray. Realized by Pippa Murray Mosaics, Sausalito (CA).


Marbles, glass or tile are not the only materials used for mosaics.  The contemporary mosaic gives the freedom to use different and unconventional materials for creating piece of art,  like leaves, berry, shells. Materials from  nature, fragile and fleeting, can became immortal and strong if placed in a mosaic.

Concept and  design, by Giulia Manzoni

Contemporay Mosaics.

Re-elaborate Sam Francis painting.  
Contemporary mosaics, direct technique realizing  a vibration and material surface. Use of smalti (glass).

Re-elaborat Mario de Luigi panting.  
Contemporary mosaics, direct technique realizing  a vibration and material surface. Use of smalti(glass), wires, nails and screws