Master Mosaicist

The duties of a Master Mosaic combine artistic  talent with research to create the most functional and appealing design. This professional must understand the theory and techniques in the historical development of a mosaic medium, and be able work meticulously with the use of a range of materials. This professional uses historical references from art history to develop innovative artistic compositions for mosaic installations made in stone, glass, ceramics, and any other suitable material.

Work Experience

   Custom Mosaic Designer.


     November 2014 - May 2016 

     Pippa Murray Inc.'s | 100 Ebbtide Ave | 94965 Sausalito Ca (USA)

  • Making templates in full scale which involve a complete knowledge of mosaic techniques and processes including understanding of andamento and colours. In the case of mosaics made In-diretto using the grid and Contrassegni, preparation of the paper for setting making Sezioni, as well as creation of Piano di posa or key drawing;

  • Selecting materials for the project which include potential materials like marbles, limestone, semi precious stones, smalti glass, vitreous glass, and ceramics. This require a specific knowledge of material properties as esample what kind of stone cleave in particular ways, its hardness and an understanding  of ceramics and glazes, and knowledge of different kinds of differend kinds of specificies glasses used in mosaic making;

  • Fabrication of mosaics, that involves cutting materials into tesserae using variety of specialised power and hand tools, Mosaic Hammer and hardie;

  • Installation on site.


    Mosaicist/Mosaic's Restorer


     April to September 2014

     Jw Restoration | Unit G7 245a Shakespeare road | SW9 8RR London UK

  • Analysis of the mosaic and rate of its deterioration;

  • Analysis of the support /substrate;

  • Surface cleaning;

  • Structural stabilization through the use of specific fixing product or removal of it,if required;

  • Interventive methodology if requested such as:  -replacement of the mosaic's part damaged -replacement of the mosaic in situ or on support.                                                            


    Master Mosaicist


    January - July 2013

      Pippa Murray Inc.'s | 100 Ebbtide Ave | 94965 Sausalito Ca (USA)


     Applied  mosaic  techniques:    

  • ​ Roman Mosaic;

  •  Byzantine Mosaic;

  •  Modern/ Contemporary Mosaic.


      Applied mosaic processes

  • Direct Mosaic;

  • In-diretto Mosaic 



Very  creative person, with a long standing experience of working in intercultural teams in several settings. Flexible and enthusiastic, excellent leadership abilities in order to balance each team member's work, rapidly foreseeing their strengths and weaknesses.

Task and performance- oriented. Excellent coping with work overload and stressful situations, even on more projects at a time.


English – Full working proficiency

Spanish - Basic proficiency

Italian – Mother tongue 


Friuli School of Mosaic - Spilimbergo UD, Italy

October 2009-June 2012


 Master Mosaicist with licence of teaching mosaic; Fine arts design theories, principles, and techniques              mosaic. Architectural drawing. Mosaic and Terrazzo.

University of Trieste, Italy – Faculty of History of Art

October 2004 -March 2011

BA in Cultural Heritage Conversation; History of art, medieval, modern, contemporary; Foreign Languages – English , Spanish.